So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. 
–Christopher Reeve

We at Leaps of Faith Disabled Skiers know the wisdom of these words. Time and time again, have we have seen children and adults with disabilities achieve goals and dreams they never imagined possible. 

Take Vayle, for example. She's a six year old with cerebral palsy. After taking our snow skiing clinics at Mt. Southington last winter, her mother told us: "Every time Vayle skis, she makes another breakthrough. It’s been amazing for her brain growth. I attribute her walking to this program. She’s been in every type of therapy, and I think this is the best therapy you can have.” 

This year, thanks to the support of friends like you, Leaps of Faith Disabled Skiers achieved so much. We helped a record number of children, adults and veterans, we had record breaking attendance in our Military Veteran programs, we doubled the number of clinics we offered, and we created new partnerships with renowned hospitals and local non-profits. It’s been an incredibly busy year we could not have done so much to help so many people without the generous support of friends like you.

As a supporter of Leaps of Faith Disabled Skiers, you clearly recognize the value that we bring to the community. Our adaptive sports programs provide opportunities for disabled children, adults and veterans to explore their full physical potential and "soar beyond the boundaries.” 

You make it all possible. On behalf of all our volunteers and clients, we thank you for helping so many dreams come true for children, adults and veterans.

Joel Zeisler, Founder

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"2012: A Truly Successful Year"

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  • Partnered with the Adaptive Sports Foundation to establish the first ever Wounded Warrior Program in Albany

  • Mentored a former US Air Force Colonel so that he could set up an Adaptive Water Skiing Program for veterans in Virginia

  • Doubled the number of adaptive sports clinics we held

  • Record number of participants enrolled in our 2 Day Wounded Warrior Adaptive Water Skiing Clinic

  • Leaps of Faith was selected nationally by the Boston Veteran’s Affairs and New England Handicap Sports Association (NEHSA) to establish their sole Adaptive Water Skiing Clinic

  • Partnered with the Board of Education and Services for the Blind to offer waterskiing clinics for disabled children

  • Partnered with The Connecticut Institute for the Blind, Oak Hill, and ran four adaptive water skiing clinics for them

  • Partnered with Mount Sinai and ran four adaptive water skiing clinics for  individuals with spinal cord injuries

  • Partnered with The Champions Mentoring Program in Bridgeport and ran a full day adaptive water skiing clinic for disadvantaged kids

  • More than 100 people enrolled in our safe boating coarse-- a record number for the state of Connecticut

  • Leaps of Faith won first place in the Newtown Labor Day Parade, our first year competing!

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