How to Help

Leaps of Faith Disabled Skiers runs the largest adaptive water ski program in the northeast. We reach many different populations on a variety of levels.  Whether it’s a wounded war veteran, a young woman paralyzed from a spinal cord injury, or a boy blind from birth who dreams of being a water ski champion, Leaps of Faith Disabled Skiers creates common ground enabling people to engage with one another, take pride in their accomplishments, rise above their circumstances, and “Soar Beyond the Boundaries.”

Your Sponsorship/Donation will help give a disabled child, adult or wounded war veteran the chance to learn to water ski and in the process experience all the immediate and lasting physical and emotional benefits that come with recreational water therapy programs.

We believe there should be no barriers to participate in our clinics, including financial. For this reason, Leaps of Faith Disabled Skiers will accept donations of any amount and anonymous donations are graciously accepted as well. Leaps of Faith Disabled Skiers has never CHARGED a fee to participate in our events (one of the few organizations to not charge).

Suggested sponsorship donation: $70 (donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and accepted under this sponsorship program).

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Sponsor a Disabled Child or Adult

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